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We know your home is one of the most significant investments you’ll ever make in your life, and home inspections are a critical part of the home buying and selling process. Failure to obtain a home inspection could potentially cost you a great deal of money and a lot of hassle in the long run. Learn more about the services included in your home inspection and the major systems we analyze and assess throughout the process.

Home Inspection Services

Choosing a home inspector can be a difficult decision. Different inspectors have varying qualifications, equipment, experience, and, yes, pricing. One thing for sure is that a home inspection requires a lot of work. The knowledge and experience of Wicked Good Inspections are second to none, and when you hire us to inspect your home, we guarantee that we will give you my very best effort, and this, we promise you!

Visual Inspection Reports

You’ll receive a complete inspection report within hours after your inspection. Forget complicated, paper-based, handwritten home inspection reports. Wicked Good Inspections will provide you a fully interactive inspection report that includes high-quality images and is incredibly easy to understand. We work to provide a thorough, honest, and unbiased inspection report to help you make informed home buying or selling decisions.

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Amazed by the great radon results we received. Our recent reading was below 0.4 pCi/L, so we can now feel safe in our house again, and not concerned about radon.

Amie Gray

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Thank you for performing a mold inspection in our attic and providing a great report and a fast turnaround on lab samples. It helped us catch the problem before it got out of control.

Tyler Davis

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Thank you so much!! Your report is thorough and detailed but also readable and understandable. We are far more than simply “satisfied” with it — we couldn’t ask for more.

Jennifer Norwood

Why do I need a home inspection in Raleigh

Buying a home can be stressful and most likely one of the most important financial decisions you’ll ever make. Many first-time buyers don’t realize that there are some crucial steps to home buying, with one being to arrange a home inspection. You may also wonder if you even need a Raleigh home inspection, or should you skip it? A home inspection can provide peace of mind to help you feel more secure in your new home and eliminate some of the stress from purchasing a home purchase.

Occasionally, we’ll hear a story of a buyer that skipped their home inspection as a negotiation tactic. Forgoing your inspection contingency can sweeten your offer in a competitive seller’s market like Raleigh, and this is an extremely risky thing to do. If you are thinking of skipping a home inspection, here’s why you should think twice about it:

Gain a deep understanding of the home.

Every home is a little different. Pick two houses built in the same year in the same neighborhood, and I could give you a laundry list of differences between the two, which is especially true with older homes. Additions, renovations, and upgrades can change a home drastically, and because of this, you need an expert, being someone that has seen many homes and has diagnosed the systems of each. A home inspection gives a complete overview of a home, its condition, systems, and hidden flaws. Unfortunately, a home inspection highlights the bad news, but that news isn’t all that bad most of the time. Regardless, it gives you, the buyer, a deep understanding of the home, and you can take this information and use it however you need.

When buying a home, a significant reason for getting a home inspection in Raleigh NC is to negotiate. When you get the inspection report, you and your Realtor can assemble your objections in hopes the seller will address them or include them in the home sale. However, many items found in a home inspection report are current or preventative maintenance items. These smaller defects might not be worth requesting the seller to fix, but it is great to have a punch list or a honey-do list when you finally move in, which will help keep your home in excellent condition and prevent future issues.

Skipping a home inspection because of the seller.

On occasion, a seller may encourage a buyer to waive the inspection (bad idea), or they’ll say the house is being sold as-is (be cautious of this). Even if the house is sold as-is, you may negotiate health and safety items that come up during the inspection. Consult with your Realtor on this claim and see if your particular deal would work for you. Sellers are typically more prone to negotiation if a significant health and safety item is found. If you walk away from buying the home, they will be obligated to disclose these issues to the next potential buyer.

In rare cases, a seller may be trying to hide something in the home by selling the property as-is, which is a terrible idea as a seller and can put themselves in a challenging legal situation in the future. However, it still occasionally happens, and as a buyer, you don’t want to get caught in the middle of that mess. A home inspection can find these issues and avoid them or mitigate the situation.

To attend, or not to attend your Raleigh Home Inspection

Whether or not you are available to attend the home inspection, be sure to read the entire report in detail. A thorough home inspection can uncover information that can protect you and help you significantly in both the short and long run. If possible, we always encourage our clients to attend or at least come for a first-hand summary if they are short on time.

Even if you are not on the home inspector’s hip during the inspection (we encourage questions, but shadowing can slow the inspector down), this gives you time to walk the property yourself. It’s interesting how people make one of the most significant purchase decisions of their lives but only get to see the property for 15 minutes during the showing. The home inspection will give you a few hours to measure rooms, envision furniture and room layouts, and plan out any immediate remodeling projects. You can make great use of the time.

As you can imagine, we do not recommend skipping out on getting a home inspection. But we only say that because we genuinely believe in the value we are providing to future homeowners. Wicked Good Inspections’ mission is to help North Carolina families live in safe, healthy, and comfortable homes, and we believe our home inspections help complete that mission. If we haven't talked you out of skipping your home inspection, you can click the button below to schedule a home inspection in Raleigh that will give you more insight into the dream home you want to purchase.

You got the Home Inspection Raleigh NC Residents Need. Now What?

No house is perfect. If the inspector identifies problems, it does not mean you should or should not buy the home, only that you will know in advance what to expect. If your budget is tight or you don’t want to become involved in future repair work, this information will be necessary. If significant problems are found, a seller may agree to make repairs or deduct the repair costs from the selling price.

What is a Raleigh home inspection?

A home inspection is a non-invasive, visual examination of a residential home and is designed to identify observed major defects within specific components of the house. Features may include any combination of mechanical, structural, electrical, plumbing, and other essential systems or portions of the house, as identified and agreed to by the client and the home inspector before the inspection process.

There is no crystal ball. A home inspection in Raleigh is intended to assist in evaluating the overall condition of the home. The home inspection is an observation based on the visible and apparent condition of the structure and components on the date the home inspection took place and is not predicting future conditions.
You may find problems later in the house which was not identified in your home inspection report. A home inspection will not reveal every current issue or issues that could exist in the future. It reveals only those material defects observed on the day of the home inspection.

A major defect is a specific issue with a system or component of the residential property. These defects may have a significant, adverse impact on the property’s value or pose an unreasonable risk to people living in the home. A system or component that may be near or beyond the end of its expected useful life is not a major defect.

An inspection report describes and identifies the inspected systems, structures, and components of the home and identifies the home inspector’s major defects. Your Raleigh home inspection report may contain recommendations regarding the conditions reported and suggestions for correction, monitoring, or further evaluation by professionals.

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