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Wicked Good Inspections LLC is a full-service home inspection company offering residential inspection services for single and multi-family homes, duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, condominiums, and townhouses. We are insured and licensed by the state of North Carolina and are members of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI).

Residential Home Inspections

Buying a home may be the most significant investment you'll ever make. Although the process is exciting, it can quickly become overwhelming. While the home you want to buy may appear to be just what you've been looking for, it's also essential to be sure that there aren't any potentially severe and unknown problems. Those potential problems could make your investment a costly one in the future, so Wicked Good Inspections is here to help. By having the home you want to purchase inspected by a professional Raleigh home inspector as early as possible in the buying process, you could save thousands of dollars on problem areas which the seller or home builder may be willing to correct.

Wicked Good Inspections remains dedicated to providing you with valuable information about the property you want to buy or sell. We thoroughly inspect all the home's major components from inside to outside and roof to the crawlspace to expose unknown visual defects. Our inspection report will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

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Pre-Listing Home Inspections

A home inspection is a non-invasive, visual examination of the home. It is designed to identify defects within specific systems and components, such as the roof, electrical, structure, heating and cooling, plumbing, appliances, and other components.

Purchasing a home is one of the largest single investments you make. You have found the perfect home for you and your family, now what? You are usually limited by an inspection period.

We provide you an inspection service that identifies deficiencies (major and minor), determine any potential safety hazards, issues that may cause future problems and maintenance that may have been neglected or may affect the home. We perform a non-invasive inspection on all areas of the home including, roof, structure, electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling system, irrigation, swimming pools, and other components.

11-Month Warranty Home Inspections

Before the first anniversary of purchasing your newly built home, it is recommended to have an inspection. The inspection identifies in detail any defects or issues that may have occurred during your first year of homeownership.

The inspection is a complete evaluation of the property. It is designed to identify defects within specific systems and components, such as the roof, electrical, structure, heating and cooling, plumbing, appliances, and other parts. It allows you during your one-year builder warranty period to have defects identified and corrected.

You will receive a detailed inspection report, along with a deficiency list to supply to your builder for repairs.

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Additional / Ancillary Inspection Services

Our additional services include a comprehensive report and overview of your results and a consultation to discuss your inspection findings, and the following recommended steps to resolve any issues noted in the additional service report.

  • Radon Test

  • Pool Inspections

  • Water Testing

  • Signing Agent

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